Short and long term effects of dating violence

24 Jan

Hormone release during chronic stress may inhibit the production of cytokines, thus thwarting the body's ability to effectively coordinate the fight against infection.Because of this reduction in cytokines, the immune system's proliferative response (its ability to successfully fight off disease) decreases by 15% or more during chronically stressful situations.Musculoskeletal System Stress often causes muscles to contract or tighten.

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For more information on Crohn's Disease, please visit our Crohn's Disease Topic Center Chronic stress-hormone induced physical changes can also increase people's appetite, causing them to gain weight and potentially, to become obese.Researchers have learned that cells in the immune system release chemicals called cytokines that act as messengers.These messengers allow cells to "talk" to one another and instruct each other to develop additional cells to fight infection.The Physical Impact of Stress: The immune system is a complex group of cells and organs that defend the body against disease and infection.A healthy immune system remains in homeostasis (balance), much like the speeding up and slowing down relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems that we described previously in the section of this document concerned with the fight-or-flight response.