Show luo dating 2016

09 Jan

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The most noticeable feature are her eyes which look much larger based on recent photos and with deep double eyelids.

The pair announced that they were dating on Luo's Sina Weibo last June. But after she came clean and admitted to having undergone plastic surgery, the blogger got even more negative remarks.Infuriated, she left a message to detractors on her micro-blog on Sina Weibo , saying: "Didn't I already admit (to plastic surgery) before?There have been many rumors that these two have been dating, and it’s finally been confirmed on December 6!Luo Jin posted this cute photoshopped picture on Weibo saying “My shoulder will always be your support. ❤” Tiffany responded “缘来是你 ❤” which can be literally translated as “the fate that has come [to me] is you”…