Sign up and fuck

24 Apr

More money for the rich, fewer resources for the poor, and the potential collapse of Obamacare?

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the ultimate etymology is uncertain, but that the word is "probably cognate" with a number of Germanic words with meanings involving striking, rubbing, and having sex or is derivative of the Old French word that meant "to fuck". Paul Booth claimed to have found "(possibly) the earliest known use of the word 'fuck' that clearly has a sexual connotation": in English court records of 1310–11, a man local to Chester is referred to as "Roger Fuckebythenavele", probably a nickname.Even some non-evil rich people (yes, they do exist) think this tax plan is a terrible idea, like Seattle's own Nick Hanauer: Literally everyone knows it won’t.Some people claim it will to hide what is actually going on. LGQg7— Nick Hanauer (@Nick Hanauer) December 20, 2017 At the press conference Wednesday afternoon, the man-child in chief pointed out that the GOP tax plan includes a repeal of the individual mandate to purchase health insurance, a central part of the Affordable Care is uncertain to what extent the word fuck was considered acceptable at the time.The stem of fuccant is an English word used as Latin: English medieval Latin has many examples of writers using English words when they did not know the Latin word: "workmannus" is an example.