Single dutch women dating

25 Jan

You will never see a really attractive Dutch woman sitting at a coffee shop or a bar. I remember meeting a man who dated a Polish woman in London.

In Fact, every weekend, he used to fly to London until he met a Polish woman.

Visit the webpage in chrome and it will translate it.The Netherlands is one of the worst West European location to find & date women.There is a very small panel of Dutch women who go out to lounge bars and nightclubs. Don’t surprise to see a ratio of 8 men to two women. In fact, many nightclubs are for youngsters, and if you are older than 23 years old, you are too old for those parties.(reference) Nevertheless, I must admit this trend is downward and the new generation of Dutch women aged 18 to 22 years old are less demanding (as per 2016).If you live in the Netherlands, consider taking advantage of Schiphol International airport or travel to another country.