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25 Jan

While living on Mars will not be easy, it will be far more planet-like than living in an entirely artificial habitat.We are the kind of beings that evolve on a planetary surface, i.e., our bodies and our minds both were shaped by our planetary endemism, and this homeworld effect is expressed in our characteristic modes of life and thought.

During the earliest stages in the development of spacefaring civilization, the adaptation will primarily be that of individual attitudes.The equations were derived by me using an analysis of the Habcat database, and thus could be wildly inaccurate.If you can find better figures, use them, but these are better than no figures at all.If spacefaring civilization endures for biologically significant periods of time, and populations evolve under these selection pressures, the early attitudinal differences within populations will become the basis of speciation and adaptive radiation. These are almost exactly like Earth — more precisely the Garden of Eden, or at least coastal California.One might call this the founder effect for spacefaring civilization. Any PLANET that people (mainly EARTH HUMANS) can live on without having to wear a space suit or at least an oxygen supply. Summers are baskingly warm, winters briskly cool, and the rain falls only at night.