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07 Feb

The thought of you getting harder to the sound of my voice and my words bringing you to the point of ejaculating gets me so wet. Get it nice and wet so I can bend you over the bed doggy-style and make you spread your ass as I start with the tip slowly inserting it, nice and easy, eventually going deeper and deeper until I am all the way in, pounding and smacking that ass.

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At the workshop I immediately connected to Margaret Paul and her work.

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You can also subscribe to my e-zine for sensitive people, The Listening Post, and I completed a 3 year counselling and psychotherapy program which began in 1995. After participating in many other healing modalities, such as gestalt , anger management, began to unravel.

The moans you make as you take that final stroke before you release your wicked seed for me. It is a proven fact that the g-spot is in the male ass.

I know your curious and want to feel what its like to cum from g-spot stimulation. *wicked grin* I do play well with others, so if you’re willing to share than so am I.