Speed dating movie plot

29 Mar

Modernista has you covered, looking to bring love (and a little bit of warmth and sunshine) into your life with their themed speed dating night on January 20.

This is an event part of their Vintage Wednesdays series, with free swing dancing classes, special Bogart-style cocktail deals, a movie screening, singles' games, performances, and even the city's hottest mahjong game to put the Beijing in Casablanca.

The goddesses of Olympus (with an assist from Hermes) each bequeathed a powerful gift to the child and then willed her into existence." data-reactid="33", the story of Diana’s “birth” was largely unchanged: Hippolyte (the spelling was later changed to Hippolyta), queen of the Amazons, sculpted a child out of the clay soil of Paradise Island.

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In the “New 52” continuity, the child is the biological daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta and imbued with all the powers of a demigod, including super strength, speed, and the ability to fly.

We learn that Diana is indeed the biological child of Zeus and Hippolyta, and that Hippolyta keeps the information from her daughter to protect her from Ares.

Ares has been systematically destroying the gods of Olympus, and Hippolyta knows that if he discovers Diana, he will try to kill her next.

The evening kicks off at 8.15pm, and tickets are RMB 120 per person, which includes one drink.

To get your ticket, scan the QR code and message 'speed dating,' or call 136 9142 5744, or get in touch via their Facebook page.