Successfully validating erp systems

18 Jan

Functional Specification The functional specification identifies DEACOM’s well-detailed requirements, how the system will achieve each of these needs, and the acceptance criteria for a successful implementation.They are typically a blend of the functional descriptions found in the DEACOM help system and the end-user requirements outlined by the company implementing DEACOM.Our team can develop a customized action plan tailored to your requirements, whether it is the migration to a large scale clinical IT system, a targeted process re-engineering project within non-clinical operations, or an enterprise-wide deployment of a core IT upgrade. At KPMG we provide independent programme advice and assurance services to ERP enabled business transformation programmes.Deacom provides a high-level design document that includes the following: System Build This phase involves the delivery of the system build that will be in place at the time go-live.With Deacom’s unique development methodology and implementation structure, this phase normally occurs six to eight weeks prior to the projected go-live date.

The test scripts include a validation of general functions, transactions, and end-user training.Deacom’s installation qualification document provides a SOP for completing the installation qualification protocol.The tasks that are performed include, but are not limited to, the following: which produces the necessary reporting for the qualification document.Design Specification The design specification describes how the software will meet the functional requirements outlined in the prior section.This document is typically a high-level overview of what is required of the software.