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08 Apr

Both of my parents shocked me with the following statement they made: “What is one or two innocent children compared to losing all our children to the American public? That’s better than if they were in the English clothes and died and burned in hell. Mom agreeing, Dad said, “We shouldn’t have told you this.

If anyone finds out that we spoke about it we’ll be excommunicated.

I had to completely rethink everything I thought about the Amish after what I found two nights ago, feeling rather silly all the while knowing that I should know better by now than to be so naive about these things.

The image we get of the Amish from popular media is pretty innocent; a simple, moral people of pious beliefs and anachronistic lifestyles.

I am tempted to give a play-by-play of the book, but I don’t have the time for that at present.

So instead, I’ll give you a little background, excerpts, and thoughts.

But we seem to forget that they are as human as anyone else, with all of the wonders and monstrosities attached to the shared condition that defines humanity. But what I found was a fascinating but disturbing story: religious fanaticism, extreme social control, wide-spread corruption, systematic cover-up of horrific crimes, and an incredibly dysfunctional societal microcosm built around a cult-ish religion.This was a ruling that Bishop Jacob Miller had made.I promised I would keep their secret for the time being.I know it’s against the Amish religion to buy store bought panties, but I don’t know how to make the Amish home made panties. Michelle said, “Uncle David, ever since this took place, when I talk to Social Services either by phone or in person, I end up in tears. The American Public was often blinded by its own ignorance.I can’t take too much more of this.” “I know, honey,” I said. All they focused on was how peaceful the Amish Culture appeared to be.