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29 Apr

Also Deutschland, lose the socks with the sandals fashion statement, please, it’s hideous to look at for we fashion conscious Italians.And as for you Canada this summer, stop plying our neighborhoods half naked, in flip flops, making a ton of racket with your wheely luggage AND stop apologizing for everything, we love you the way your are…just don’t wear stuff from The GAP and Marks Work Warehouse when you come to Italia. And higher taxes coming in the T2 budget.-GT *********************************************** Looks like the ‘slow melt’ thesis is solidly out the window – officially by the man himself! TCC Stats Can director basically says the first release of data tells very little of the whole story and would count Canadian corporations with foreign owners and homes bought in the name of students or spouses as local owners. Industry boss Bryan Tuckey puts it this way: “People simply cannot afford them.” No wonder.The industry blames excessive government regs, restrictive land use and zoning policies, insane building codes and anti-sprawl measures which have inflated land prices. But the collapse of the construction business is just another indicator that residential real estate is going over a cliff, even in the nation’s biggest, craziest market.As for the stress test, new buyers will have to add 2% to the posted rate in order to clear the hurdle. If Canada is too expensive, move somewhere affordable, lots of great places in the world where you don’t need to be a debt slave to own something decent. I still don’t understand what people, politicians, bankers, and realtors would think would happen with low interest rates, loose monetary policy, and loose lending standards. With the US as our biggest creditor, among many other reasons, Canada will do what it is told and that means higher rates. Some morons thought it was a good idea to give trillions in tax cuts to the rich and corporations when corporate profits are already at all time highs, unemployment at 4%, and the national debt at trillion with annual trillion dollar deficits on the way. If the mean global temperature doesn’t rise by at least X degrees by 2030, can we call this off, or at least say it wasn’t as big of a deal as we had originally thought?As detailed here previously, that’ll knock out somewhere between 5% and 20% of the newbies, depending on which expert you pick. Houses people already can’t afford, even at cheap rates. All I can determine is it was almost a coordinated bear trap. The Canadian 5yr yield is already almost 1.87% 100% higher than the start of 2017. I could see the Fed easily raising rates 4x this year, maybe even more. Oil prices are on their way up too and the USD is heading down. If any deviation from the mean weather pattern can be trotted out as evidence for Climate Change, it’s not a falsifiable theory that conforms to the Scientific Method, despite what the high priests of science might tell us.#7 Lost in Space Tell the Germans to move to Italia where RE is flat or losing value.

Just ask the folks in Houston who spent weeks navigating flooded streets because development trumped basic engineering requirements for water run-off.

Harper is long gone, and she’s probably flipping burgers now. I think you are going to see some shock and awe on the interest rate front.

She was all worried about Harper spending money on jet fighters …… we could have TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SIX F-35’s lol! Scientists aren’t sure what’s going on, but they all agree. People are too complacent, thinking interest rates aren’t going to rise and that there is no inflation.

People won’t be able to get out even if they want to. More to come as the market anticipates more rate increases. I don’t see how Poloz can possibly match those rate hikes. In the 70s we were afraid of an Ice Age, in the 2000s Gore said we all would have burned to death by now and now our theory is that the climate changes.

Get enough people to drink the Kool-Aid, get addicted, and then slam the door shut. I used to think this was the most serious issue facing humanity when I was younger, but I’m old enough now to remember all of the predictions that have gone down the memory hole.