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26 Feb

“I think that rather than constantly being negative and saying, ‘You can’t do this,’ or ‘You can’t do that,’ you need to offer positive alternatives as well as really clearly teach what the Bible says, this is what our family believes and so forth.

The wife of high profile lawyer Daniel Horowitz was found murdered last month at their beautiful estate. A 16-year old boy known for wearing dark clothing and who reportedly read the book of Satan.

So it makes them believe that they can have power over the people who are actually in power over them.” Wicca also tends to be very accepting of alternative lifestyles such as homosexuality.

“Even many of the teens I interviewed are already involved in homosexual or bisexual relationships, which surprised me a bit because I know their parents don’t know that they are getting involved with that,” Alupoaicei says.

“Today it’s something that kids are growing up with,” Alupoaicei says. They are growing up with kids who are doing spells, kids who are pagan, and who are not being raised with any kind of spiritual values that are in line with ours, so that’s a great issue of concern.” In the book, she explains the basic beliefs of Wicca as well as what many people find to be attractive about the religion.

There are several reasons, she says, that teens are often drawn to Wicca.

“You can limit the internet if you see that they are starting to get involved with that.

If they are hanging out with friends who are involved in witchcraft, you can say they can’t hang out with those friends.” It’s also important to explain to them what your family believes.

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They want power to help them feel special, power over their circumstances and sometimes power to get vengeance over those who’ve hurt them. I spend a number of weeks each year speaking on public school campuses.

They feel that people can practice both simultaneously, an idea that is dangerous for teens to buy into.

It’s important that parents take an active role in educating their children about spiritual beliefs, Alupoaicei says.

They must remember, she says, that regardless of how old their teen is, they still have the say-so in what goes on in their homes.

“You can say we are not having these books in our home,” she says.