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02 Feb

So learn to identify when you're slipping back to your own predictable self. Part of Colin's 30 Day Challenge hasn't come without some resistance.

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First dates can be the defining moment for a relationship; telling your kids and grandkids about “how it all started on that first date” as the family sighs and buckles down to hear the same story for the fiftieth time.As the VP of marketing at Trigg Laboratories and Wet Products in California, Jennifer Martsolf teaches on reinventing personal lubricants and...To avoid a bad first date, make sure to find out a little about the other person before you plan your first date.We've been following Colin, a 20 something bartender from Portland, Oregon who's girlfriend recently broke up with him.She confessed to being in love with her female best friend who had recently re entered her life. Steve recaps the "Colin Break Up Chronicle" and look back on how much progress he's made in four short weeks.