Updating information on new products

22 Feb

Learn more about Offline Forms for Messaging Channels To continue offering top notch service as your team grows, it's crucial to track agent availability.

The latest addition to Chat Analytics lets you monitor agent status, down to the specific team member.

The Shopify app for lets you access relevant customer data such as order information, billing, and shipping from within Zendesk Chat.

This reduces context-switching for agents, driving productivity, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately lifetime value.

This allows you to preview ticket fields before publishing.

The ticket field admin page features a refreshed UI and data management functions like sort, search, filter, and edit columns.

The functionality allows you to block specific and/or pattern of numbers that you’ve flagged as unwanted or fraudulent.

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Learn more about Ticket Fields Administration To avoid any sandbox destruction, we replaced the Zendesk admin interface with an updated design.

With the “Request a Callback” feature, you control when and where you offer phone support to your customers viewing your website.

Learn more about Web Widget Callback Beta Outbound is the newest member of the Zendesk family of products.

A warning will pop up when you hit “delete all edits and reset sandbox.” We’re just preventing you from wasting any time and effort into building out sandboxes.

Learn more about Sandbox Updates Admins can mark JIRA projects as unavailable to agents who are using the integration.