Updating media information and album art

23 Apr

A Refresh is something you’ll want to do less often and so it’s a manual action.In many cases, Scans may be initiated for you automatically such as when you save changes to a library’s settings.You can Refresh or Scan libraries to bring them up-to-date.Scanning and Refreshing a library do different things.Once a library has been created, it is processed by your Plex Media Server so all the media items are matched and metadata is gathered.

In the future, plugins will be made available that allow you to lookup information from other sources.Settings to control automatic or periodic library scans can be found under feature.This uses capabilities of the operating system to detect when content has changed and then initiate a library scan.You can think of scanning as “check for new or changed content and get metadata for it if needed”.You should Scan Library Files if you have: Refreshing Metadata for a library or individual item causes the metadata for the item to be refreshed, even if it already has metadata.