Updating multiple rows in oracle Sex foro

12 Mar

The datatypes (INTEGER EXTERNAL, CHAR, DECIMAL EXTERNAL) identify the datatype of data fields in the file, not of corresponding columns in the emp table. Note that the set of column specifications is enclosed in parentheses. After saving the control file now start SQL Loader utility by typing the following command.

For Example, the following will export only those rows of employees tables whose salary is above 10000 and whose dept id is 10.

After finishing his other work, the DBA wants to resume the export job and the client machine from where he actually started the job is locked because, the user has locked his/her cabin.

So now the DBA will go to another client machine and he reattach to the job by typing the following command $expdp hr/[email protected] ATTACH=myfulljob After the job status is displayed, he can issue the CONTINUE_CLIENT command to resume logging mode and restart the myfulljob job.

Afterwards when your work has been finished you can continue the job from the same client, where you stopped the job, or you can restart the job from another client machine.

For Example, suppose a DBA starts a full database export by typing the following command at one client machine CLNT1 by typing the following command $ expdp scott/[email protected] FULL=y DIRECTORY=data_pump_dir DUMPFILE=LOGFILE=JOB_NAME=myfull Job After some time, the DBA wants to stop this job temporarily.