Updating php

08 Apr

The coding to resolve this issue may require a developer/programmer, but that issue is beyond our scope of support. Add Handler application/x-httpd-php52 .php52 1st hour i add this coding in .htaccess file and second hour i need to remove that coding for active my site. [email protected] Shawn Roy, Can you provide us a url that is currently giving a blank page so we can take a look into the problem?

We do apologize if this is not a satisfactory answer for you, but typically if a page or two isn't working, while others are at a certain point in time, then it points to the code on the page. Apache will either work not with what you have configured, it does not change over time. if new hour start then Rewrite Engine on #Rewrite Base / Rewrite Cond % -f [OR] Rewrite Cond % -d Rewrite Rule ^.*$ - [NC, L] Rewrite Rule .* [L] else Rewrite Engine on #Rewrite Base / Rewrite Cond % -f [OR] Rewrite Cond % -d Rewrite Rule ^.*$ - [NC, L] Rewrite Rule .* [L] Add Handler application/x-httpd-php52 .php52 Hello Shawn, You are better off writing either a php or pythong script to change your PHP version and set it to a cron job to run hourly.

We can investigate it in more depth if you provide a URL or account information. We do not understand what you're trying to accomplish by switching on an hourly basis.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Yes it does work when i use php version 5.3 or 5.3. We recommend that you stick with ONE version of PHP and make ALL of your code work in that version.

c Panel provides documentation for using Easy Apache 4 to change the server's PHP version. How can I confirm that my pages (site) is correctly updated to avoid crashing when the system udpates on August 7th?

Once I can idenify how to confirm my site is fully updated, and working, I will move foward fully updating the PHP.

If you need to setup your account to use multiple PHP versions, see the article on Using multiple PHP versions on one account.Please contact our support department if you are a VPS or dedicated customer and wish to use PHP 5.4. Please keep in mind, PHP 5.4 has it's own web server built into it.This can be important when using third party applications, which require the latest stable version of PHP.The PHP version can only be changed on shared servers, biz117 and higher.