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15 Feb

I'll cover Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, in that order.In Firefox, click the Settings button (it's the icon on the right with three horizontal lines) and click the "Add-ons" icon.Fortunately, the computer industry is already moving away from Flash in favor of safer, more efficient technology built right into modern browsers.In fact, you can make a few big switches right now to stay safe.However, a lot of sites are switching to a new way to show videos that doesn't need Flash.This new system is called HTML5 video streaming, which just means your browser can play the video without needing a third-party plug-in like Flash. You Tube can now use HTML5, too, but it doesn't use HTML5 automatically.Yet another study shows that the only people hurt by media 'piracy' are the big players.

You should always keep your browser updated to get the latest security and features.

"But Kim," I hear you say, "I only visit legitimate mainstream sites." Even if you are careful about which websites you visit, hackers can be pretty tricky.

You might end up on the site after clicking a link in a phishing email, or hackers might slip a malicious Flash ad on to a legitimate website.

Unfortunately for Flash, technology moves on and most of what it does can now be done using other better and safer ways.

That's good for us though, because Adobe Flash is becoming one of the biggest threats to your computer's security.