Updating wii with mod chip

16 Jan

There are currently no other chips on the market that have all of these features.Of course, it'll play all of your import and backup games, as well as Gamecube import and homebrew games, etc...I state that I like one chip over another because I am lucky enough to be able to test each new chip as it is released.

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Including installing a mod chip in virtually every game system that needed one since then.Before I continue with the rest of the article, I think that it is important for me to say that first and foremost, these are my opinions, and my opinions only.While I prefer to use, or have a chip that I find to be the best all around chip, both for features, functions and price, it does not, by any means mean that you should go with my own personal favorites.Choosing the right chip depends mainly on your skill level and what you anticiapte you would like to do once the modchip is installed into your Nintendo Wii. Here is another that looks like it is simple to install.