Updating zone files on primary dns

04 May

Comments are included in the files to describe functionality.The configuration used throughout is: Everyone has their own ideas on a good naming convention and thus something that is supposed to be useful becomes contentious. Its sole merits are; it is a convention; it makes sense to its authors.

The serial number is usually of the form yyyymmddnn, where nn is a sequence number, usually starting from 1 for each day.

Such folks tend to get especially vocal about mixing ANY master or slave zones with caching (recursive) services.

Such blanket advice overlooks pragmatic considerations. In a high volume DNS scenario it is both crazy and dangerous to run anything other than an authoritative only server (with no caching/recursive support).

Hi We need to install a secondary DNS server, that will automaticaly replicate zones from our primary DNS that is running on Microsoft OS.

So the idea is, that all zones and records that are configured and entered into our primary DNS (Microsoft) will automaticaly replicate to secondary DNS that will run on Cent OS.