Validating windows vista ultimate

31 Jan

is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.

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However, all SSDs still store data in electrical charges, which slowly leaks over time if left without power.

In particular, Intel claims that, at a steady state, the S3700 drives would not vary their IOPS by more than 10–15%, and that 99.9% of all 4 KB random I/Os are serviced in less than 500 µs.

Another example is the Toshiba PX02SS enterprise SSD series, announced in 2016, which is optimized for use in server and storage platforms requiring high endurance from write-intensive applications such as write caching, I/O acceleration and online transaction processing (OLTP).

This causes worn out drives (that passed their endurance rating) to start losing data typically after one (if stored at 30°C) to two (at 25°C) years in storage; for new drives it takes longer.

Therefore, SSDs are not suited for archival purposes.