Wanting to talk chat to couples about sex

07 Mar

And that is that a couple’s conversation over having kids or not is their business and theirs alone.

All in all, whatever their placement on the spectrum of ‘not wanting a kid’, it’s awkward to feel you have to answer and it forces people to either cover with excuses (although why should we need to justify ourselves? ’ Of course, the only legitimate response to the question is: ‘none of your f***ing business, pal. ’ questions start, which can be equally insensitive, prying and infuriating.Most couples will appreciate the welcome relief of not having to explain their decision not to have kids yet or cover with excuses just because it’s the next expected milestone.There are a number of different reasons why posing this question casually is akin to walking on to an emotional minefield.So it stands to reason that the most common question a long term, usually married couple is incessantly asked is ‘soooo, when are we going to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet then?’ But as well meaning as this may be, can we all just take a step back, analyse the enormity of such a question for a bit and just f***ing stop?