Warning failed while updating the boot sectors for disk0 partition1

21 Apr

Remote locations introduce speed issue for data transfers which will also impact performance for most applications as it tries to stay in sync between the two machines for write and roll-back purposes.

My intent wasn't so much to give specific answers to this question but rather demonstrate that to answers these questions you have to get down to the real specifics - it's simply impossible to answer the broad question of "how do I make redundant servers".

Remember, redundancy always comes with a dollar amount cost.

And this dollar amount will determine your range of options to implement redundant technologies or processes.

Now, a mail server isn't a HPC compute node - I understand that.

This will help to make sure your not "over engineering" the system. Disks can use different raid systems to give redundancy.

Get the higher speed DIMMS, you can't mixed memory of different speeds.

Most motherboards will have integrated ethernet ports.

It would take a book to fully explore all the issues and possibilities but it still comes down to - how much money you have to spend on the project.

I use to work with High Performance Clusters and HA Linux Oracle SAP global deployments with TB's of data - this issue would arise daily for us in those environments.