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30 Jan

Basically just avoid political discussions anywhere in Asia. Underage girls I feel is less of a risk than the Philippines, I almost never hear of anyone being unfairly locked up in Thailand because they slept with a girl who said they were 18. Girls working at bars will tend to be over 18, occasionally Gogo bars and soapies are shut down for having underage girls working there but I don’t see news stories about foreigners being arrested or set up for a bribe.Thai girls already look younger than their western counterparts so it’s hard to end up with an underage girl accidentally. Thai police profit heavily from the sex industry here, they aren’t really looking to set up a foreigner with an underage girl, the negative publicity from that would scare customers away from bars. Rough cost of living – accommodation is say 0/month for a decent studio room, 0 for a western standard one bedroom flat. In Bangkok I spend around 0/month on rent plus all bills and internet, with a swimming pool and gym.Anything less than about 52.5 is probably too small for a foreigner and might come off inside the girl. The girl takes the first pill on the first day of her period, then you’re all good to creampie. Zithromax (brand name of azithromycin) is a powerful antibiotic that gets rid of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, if you notice creamy pus leaking from the penis or a burning sensation, take 1000mg of it (four 250mg pills). Testing for all other STDs is usually only done if you have symptoms.You can pay for a test of everything though without symptoms, either there or at a hospital, it’s expensive though.Factoring in visa runs every 2-3 months (flights, hotels, expensive Manila barfines), I average maybe -k/month. Phuket, Pattaya and the Samui archipelago of islands (Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan) are less safe areas to live in long term relative to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Images showed the remains of vehicles and the building coated in thick, gray dust although no-one was hurt.Then around the same amount on food, and live in central Bangkok walking distance to most nightlife, so not much need for taxis and public transportation (they’re cheap too though).So around 00/month for essentials, then the rest of my monthly spending (0-00) is purely on going out, partying, dates, bargirls, entertainment etc.Only to anywhere.” An investigation by The Sunday Times showed that taxi touts are back to muscle in on the tourist dollar, following unprecedented visitor arrivals to Singapore. By Ng Kai Ling & Maria Almenoar, Straits Times TAXI passengers headed for Johor Baru are happy that they will soon be able to hail any of 200 authorised cabs anywhere in Singapore for that ride across the border.Similarly, a taxi rider in JB will be able to hop into any of 200 licensed Malaysian cabs for the journey back to Singapore.