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20 Apr

I no longer bothered or cared what thoughts came, it did not matter, let my excess adrenalin make me think this way at times, its fine, was my attitude.

Again it takes a little time, so don’t think as soon as you give the thoughts time and space they will disappear, have the attitude of ‘It does not matter if they are there or not’ that is always your goal.

O.k todays post is something someone wanted me to post on.

I do have this page on my main site that explains certain things but I will try and explain more here.

i have no idea how i got through, but passed well, despite how bad i felt. that would cause the feelings of strangeness and dispair. have had feelings of strangeness where i feel like i am not there, dont exist, in another time-phase, even thought that i was 1-second out of sych with the rest of the universe once!

just shows that so long as you keep going, no matter how bad you feel, nothing terrible will happen. the feelings can be very disturbing and scarey, but remember that they are just caused by too much adrenalin in your brain and body. scarlet posted her story on another thread earlier today, she was at rock bottom but is now completely recovered. you can recover, just take one day at a time and dont expect it to be overnight, otherwise there is a lot of disappointment.

If you do pay them loads of respect, investigate them, worry or obsees then this tires the mind furthur and it loses some of its resilience and thought seem to stick or race. We may have thought this way for a long while that it seems to have become a habit.

But like all habits they can be reversed and they way to reverse them is not to be scared of them, what better way than allow them as much space and freedom to be there.

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Firstly anxiety is excess adrenalin, add this to bad nerves and this is why we feel anxious.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. i nearly didnt get through the degree to be honest.i remember when i was really bad revising for an exam in the afternoon, with all the anxious, depresing thoughts running through my head, nearly in tears, not taking any of it in. went to the exam, and one comment by someone just set me off again just before going in, and spent the whole exam nearly in tears.They wont go overnight, in my case they came less often and with less force.I had a great insight into this when I used to go for a long 1 hour run.