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29 Jan

For instance, Ron Unz, a wealthy Jewish businessman who runs provided us with a stunning 26,000-word treatise that convincingly shows how White Gentiles are systematically excluding from Ivy League schools precisely because undeserving Jewish students are taking their place.

Titled “The Myth of Meritocracy”, this seminal essay includes numerous graphs showing that once Jews are disaggregated from Gentile Whites, the number of White students in the Ivy League is drastically out of proportion to the actual number of qualified White students out there.

Effective movements for change have three central features: their advocates have a complaint against the present status quo (e.g., historical anti-Semitism emphasized as a motivating factor in ).

Because the academic world is a top-down institution, once the highest levels were penetrated, the left/liberal attitudes that are mainstream in the Jewish community came to dominate departments of social science and humanities.

Of course, I don’t want this essay to be solely “bad news porn,” so I’ll offer a fantasy response to this academic attack on our civilization and our very existence.

In fact, the whole idea for this column was prompted by something I saw by John Derbyshire on .

There The Blake School is also looking for a new teacher.

We’ve all seen movies set at such places (e.g., Robin Williams in — a movie is about a working class Jewish student confronting upper-class WASP anti-Semitism and cheating to get ahead [contrasted with the Jew who achieves on the basis of merit]; how tiring.) I’m not sure if these places hope to be in the vanguard, or if it’s virtue signaling to other parents and teachers that they’ve drunk copiously from the cup of multiculturalism and “equity,” or whether they honestly believe replacing White students with POC (that means “people of color,” so please remember it) is a good idea. Choate shares the important information that of its student body, “33% are domestic students of color, and 18% are international students.” Considering the likelihood that international students will also be “students of color,” we’re looking at a place where around half of the pupils are non-white.As students of color and their families both adapt to and transform the school, Cornerstone works to identify norms and practices that help everyone at Blake be seen, heard and valued. And as far as I can tell, there is no sign of these trends slowing their trajectory into free-fall.Blake is also committed to achieving gender equity and respecting students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer. Far from it, it all seems to be accelerating, with Trump Derangement Syndrome only exacerbating the problem.Blake recognizes the aspirational nature of our commitment to pluralism and the need to address persistent inequities in society.The PK-12 Cornerstone Program is an alliance supporting families and students of color at Blake.