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07 Feb

By the end of 1967, the group —about a dozen of them, later dubbed the Manson Family — had set off to tour the U. Manson even struck up a friendship with the Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson.

However, it soon became clear that his grandiose dreams of success were not going to be realised.

As the Svengali-like figure who was able to send his harem of drugged-up young women off to murder on little more than the force of his personality and an apocalyptic interpretation of Beatles lyrics, Manson embodied the dark side of the Swinging Sixties.

He and his ‘family’ of followers twisted the decade’s ideals of free love, heavy drug use and anti-establishment resistance against the State to create a hippie death cult of unbelievable viciousness.

Manson, a virulent racist who would one day abuse black prison guards even as they gave him his breakfast, wanted to help the Helter Skelter apocalypse come about by carrying out a string of brutal murders of rich white people.

Later, Manson had two short-lived marriages, one of them to a prostitute he would pimp out to other men.

Charles Manson, pictured left in 1969 when he ordered the murder of seven people, died aged 83.

He famously carved a swastika into his forehead while in prison and is picture, right, serving his sentence in 2014The weekend of violence in August 1969 not only claimed the lives of Hollywood star Sharon Tate and six others, but it also killed off the Sixties as the decade of peace and love.

He then spoke of a cataclysmic race war which would be won by blacks.

However, he went on, after exterminating all the whites (except the Family, who would hide in secret caves beneath California’s Death Valley), they would be unable to govern themselves and would be forced to turn to him for salvation.