Who is atom araullo dating

26 Dec

Well, if you want to become the next president or the next Manny Pangilinan, or the next Daniel Padilla, you go ahead and go for it. But even as you dream big, get your head out of the clouds and keep your feet firmly on the ground.

I don’t know, I think there were more yeses this time. computer games, and you are an expert for example, at DOTA, using Sand King, maybe next time, try Faceless Void or Gem.

I was very nervous because, it’s been a while since I’ve been here at the Ateneo, 18 years to be exact. Now armed with this knowledge, let us move forward. In my brand new , looking very distinguished like you guys. Oral hygiene also elevates a person’s sense of self esteem.

When they first approached me with the idea of being your commencement speaker and up to a few minutes before approaching this stage, I was very nervous. Yes, boys never grow up and I think the wives and the older sisters and the mothers will agree with me. I know this because I’ve been in your position before. The graduating student’s smile, show me your teeth. You know guys, good oral hygiene wards off harmful bacteria and microbes that cause tooth decay, bleeding gums and oral infection.

And after seeing these answers, I was filled with less nervousness. But aside from that, young as I am, I have a little bit more experience than you guys. It will never leave you even as you grow up, but at least I could be thankful for one thing. And by doing this, I believe that I will find success. Many years from now, when you are my age, a majority of you will not remember a thing that I say here today.

I did not expect, not in a million years, and most especially in 18 years that I’ll be back, (that) I will be on this stage, I will have a little name on that chair beside your administrators and your teachers. I face you guys today not as a very successful man, I’m a 31 year old journalist, who still lives with his parents, and during my free time I daydream a lot and I also procrastinate. But I have something very special that makes me suited to be your graduation speaker for today. Wondering who the man on stage was, and when he was going to stop talking. Guess what my grade was for Mathematical Physics for one of our exams. But as the famous saying goes, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down. Even the most successful people fall 9 times, before succeeding at that one crucial thing. I graduated from Philippine Science High School, almost as good as Ateneo de Manila, and I felt like I knew stuff. I remember our speaker earlier, , told us that he got a grade of 79. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be champions again. So the lesson is we will always falter at something. Imagine that you have aching knees, Imagine that you are very tired. Imagine that you haven’t talked to your best friends for over 40 years. There is a flash of light, a loud bang and now it turns into a roller coaster. If you are young again,what would you say to the person to your left or to your right knowing the you are an old person and you have a second chance to be young?