Who is dating eva longoria

28 Mar

A source even revealed that Eva has “seemed really happy” and “was resting her head on his shoulder.” They also dined with chef Bobby Flay and stylist Robert Verdi in NYC last thursday! Perhaps now that NBC’s reality show has been cancelled, Eva will ease up on the idea of an almost-office romance?

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Soccer legend Ronaldo ended up partying with pregnant Eva Longoria in Miami on New Year’s Eve, we’re told.

“Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Pisces is the last, and their relationship completes a strange karmic circle …

As a couple, Pisces can teach Aries how to give, and Aries can teach Pisces how to receive — an important lesson for both.” Does it get any better than that?

Blaming her appearance on lactose intolerance, she joked: "I’m not pregnant, just eating a lot of cheese, a lot of wine, a lot of pancakes.” After her wedding to Baston the actress said she was in no rush to have children, merely saying "we’ll see" when asked if she could see them in her future.

But in another interview with Ocean Drive last year, she did say of motherhood: "It if happens, it happens...