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12 Mar

People from the street that I remember are Maureen and Michael Hawthorne; Irene Humpage and her brothers Clive and Malcolm; Josie Wakeling; Josie Yates; the Carter family, who lived in Hyde Road; Lois and Doris and their brothers, John Ike John Hubbord, who died while we were at school; Alan Hinton.

My best friend was Pauline Thomas who lived in Mostyn Grove, there was also Una Hunt from school.

Her grandparents stayed in Marroway Street until her grandfather retired in 1939, having then to relinquish the tenancy of the tied house. 33 Clark Street is where Joe Harris, the coal man keep his horse and cart up the entry, I lived there till I was 14.

Teachers I remember are, Miss Ray in the infants, Miss Wastell who died, when it was her birthday she bought us all a small Cadbury's caramel bar and when she died I remember we all lined the street while the funereal went past.We had some white cats (3), they were deaf, one of them went up and died in the kennel of the greyhounds.I was born in Ladywood in 1941 at 42 Clark Street, when I was 2, we moved just a few doors up to number 48, right opposite the Hyde Arms (my Nan lived at number 42, she was called Lillian Dawson).Bonfire nights were great, all the weeks of collecting 'plunder' and storing it in one of the washhouses, we must have had the best night in the street because when the shop closed Mrs. Over the weeks I had quite a collection and decided I would feed the pigeons with 'my' corn so when they landed I threw the corn over the wall and watched the birds scoffing while Mr. My dad explained to me that the birds had been racing and they couldn't be 'clocked' until they returned to the loft. My Father was Lionel (Len) Wilkinson, he was the Manager of the Carbon Dioxide Garage in Parker Street, our House was next to the garage.My Mum was Doris and my Brothers were Derek & Ken, my sister was Gloria.