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In a statement Herold gave to Special Judge Advocate John A. The press reported that by early 1865, Herold “had been cut out of employment for some time past.” The media reports also indicated that no one was entirely sure where Herold had been over much of the year and a half time period after his father died, speculating that he spent much of his time on the back roads of Maryland punctuated by short visits to his mother’s home in D. We don’t know when Anthony Berger’s employment with Brady in Washington, D. C., it is fair to posit that he did so while working for Brady.

Bingham on April 27, 1865, he said that he lived and worked with the druggist F. It has to be considered highly unlikely that Berger would have left Brady’s employ with a negative plate (or even a print) of someone mired in the lowest depths of obscurity and historical irrelevance.

And it is with [God] to damn or bless me [a]nd this brave boy with me who often prays (yes before and since) with a true and sincere heart …., was able to publish either stories about Lincoln’s assassination or relevant images when each went to press for its April 15 and April 22 publications.

Even with a team of engravers working on individual square sections of an illustration, it took probably utilized some variant of the photo below, right (both courtesy of the Library of Congress).

This paternalistic image was derived from a photograph taken by Anthony Berger on February 9, 1864 when Berger managed Mathew Brady’s Washington, D. The “book” perched on Lincoln’s crossed leg actually was a photograph album handed to Lincoln in the studio in order to grab Tad’s rapt attention.

Even the chair was modified by the placement of fringe dangling from its arm and some sort of fabric draped on its slightly straightened back.

It seems farfetched that Berger photographed Herold (but none of the other conspirators) in captivity on behalf of Brady after Herold was captured on April 26, quit Brady shortly thereafter, moved to Brooklyn with the only negative plate of Herold in his possession, opened his own business prior to the 9th of May, and then sold the image to . Mark Katz says then was still in the employ of the U. Secret Service, took “mug” shots of David Herold and several other suspected Lincoln/Seward co-conspirators onboard the monitors article probably refers to the following image of David Herold taken by Alexander Gardner on April 27 only several hours after Herold was captured (courtesy of the Library of Congress): For some reason, more than a month passed before engravings derived from the Alexander Gardner photographs — including Herold’s — were printed on the pages of the July 1, 1865 edition of feature an image based upon Berger’s rather than Gardner’s photographs?This misattribution was corrected by a short notice buried in the back pages of the May 13, 1865 issue which explained that the announced that “Mr. Berger will conduct” a photographic business at 285 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY: It is possible that prior sales of albumin prints of an unretouched version of the Lincoln photo with the “Brady & Co.” label created editorial confusion at misattribution of Berger’s Lincoln and son portrait is that Anthony Berger might not have ceased working for Brady until sometime shortly before or immediately after Lincoln’s assassination so that at least one of wasn’t quite finished yet in utilizing Anthony Berger’s photographs as a source for its illustrations in the wake of Lincoln’s assassination.The very first image of Booth’s get-away companion, David E.Harold” in a WANTED broadside poster released by Secretary of War Stanton on April 20, 1865 (see below, courtesy of the Library of Congress).In what is believed to be a first for WANTED posters, prints of available photographs of the fugitives were pasted onto some but not all of the posters.