Who is paul newman dating tips on dating a divorced man

01 Feb

But, as a new book about to be published in America reveals, the real Paul Newman was rather more flawed - a heavy drinker who also had a long affair that was an open secret in Hollywood.

When the veteran actor Paul Newman celebrated his golden wedding anniversary last year - just a few months before his death at the age of 83 - he tenderly toasted his actress wife, Joanne Woodward. 'That I am married to her is the joy of my life.' In a business not renowned for long marriages, theirs was legendary.

'He really loves his wife.' And she reciprocated his feelings by being at his side as colleague and partner as much as wife, lover, and mother.

But the outside world was forever casting doubt on their relationship and wondering what the world's most handsome man saw in his not quite so glamorous wife.

They seemed utterly mismatched: jumpy, go-go Paul who loved fast cars and boozy parties and bawdy jokes badly told, and low-burning Joanne, with her theatre and ballet and books and dry wit and refined Southern way with domestic and social matters.

Rumours that they were on the verge of breaking up dogged them from very early on after their marriage in 1958.

She had to watch in silence as women walked up to him in public places or at parties and threw themselves at him.

When his eldest daughter Susan took a job as his secretary, she was disgusted by what she read in his fan mail and deduced from what they wrote to him that: 'Women in America are absolutely not getting laid!

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'He's 44, has six children and he snores,' she said. ' But as the years rolled by and he still looked 29 while she was showing her age, Joanne could see that her husband's perpetual boyishness was a threat after all.(One Christmas, he gave her the printed readout from his electro-cardiogram scan! When she visited him on the set of a film he was making in the late 1990s, he beckoned her over to sit on his lap, and was overheard asking her, in a sweet voice: 'Are you my broad? That their marriage had endured was no mystery to those who knew them well.'Paul is an oddity in this business,' said the director Otto Preminger.In marrying Newman she had taken a tiger by the tail.He looked like a Greek god, never took a bad picture and she knew that other women fancied him.