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05 Jan

Jackson introduced himself and invited Bruce to stop in for a night cap.The man poured a couple of drinks on ice and seated himself at the suite's bar counter. The man was a successful investor in new stock issues and had been having a run of luck in the IPO markets.

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Now her face and body were covered with excess semen. Now she staggered to her feet and her husband led her towards the exit. Then they slid past the guard she had sucked off earlier and slunk out into the night.She got excited and told to meet her later and she would let me finger fuck her pussy. We hooked up and got to taste her sweet pussy juices on my finger and then she wanted to see my boner. The man stood quietly regarding their arrival so Bruce went over to see if they had caused any disturbance.Bruce recognized Jackson as one of the wealthy fathers who had been at the miniature horse breeders booths.