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06 Mar

It can be defined as an affection towards animals, or finding animals sexually attractive.

Term was introduced by Richard Krafft-Ebing in 1894.

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Zoophilia consists of two Greek words – zoo – animal, and philia – love.

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In opinion of the researchers, zoophilia is as much widespread as gay and lesbian relationships.Adult Friend Finder hat Millionen Menschen dabei geholfen traditionelle Partner, Swinger-Gruppen, Dreier und eine Vielfalt anderer, alternativer Partner zu finden.Dating mit Adult Friend Finder spart dir Zeit und Mühe.A sexual contact with a stallion can be dangerous for a woman, because in the heat of the passion, it could mutilate the woman. They can get the orgasm from both fantasies and riding the horse with their legs spread, however, a contact like this can be barely labeled as zoophilia.Why did the zoophilia became so popular during the second half of the last century?